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Straight to Hell

On this episode, we continue a look back at the 80s movie of iconoclastic British filmmaker Alex Cox with his wacky 1987 movie Straight to Hell.

Sid and Nancy

On this episode, your humble host talks about one of his favorite movies of the decade, and apologizes for a chance in plans.

Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2

On this episode, we reflect on the recent unfortunate late summer release of an Easter-themed movie by looking back to the 1987 unfortunate late spring release of a Christmas-themed horror movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2.

The Cineplex Beverly Center

On this episode, we take a look back not at the career of an actor or director, nor about a specific movie or a distributor, but at a movie theatre that opened forty years ago today, that would change the course of the theatrical exhibition industry forever: The Cineplex Beverly Center.

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Ross Melnick

On this episode, we speak with film historian, author and UCSB professor Ross Melnick about his new book, his 80s cinema class, and five films from the decade he thinks you should watch again.

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The 80s Movie Podcast Trailer

From distributors barely remembered and films long forgotten, to the biggest actors and filmmakers of the decade, The 80s Movies Podcast is your ticket to the movies.

The Assassination Game

On this episode, your host, film historian Edward A. Havens III, delves deep into the 80s film vault to visit one of the movies from the 1980s he had known about for forty years but had never gotten around to seeing: Nick Castle's 1982 directorial debut, The Assassination Game.

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Young Einstein

On this episode, we discuss one of the biggest hit films ever in Australian cinema, that was pretty much ignored in the rest of the world, Yahoo Serious' Young Einstein.

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Happy Together

On this episode, film historian and host Edward A. Havens III briefly talks about one of the quintessential 80s movies, that didn't actually come out until May 1990.

Mel Damski's Happy Together.



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A Brief History of the First Blood Movies

On this episode, we take a look back at the history of the First Blood movies.


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