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The Assassination Game

June 19, 2022

On this episode, your host, film historian Edward A. Havens III, delves deep into the 80s film vault to visit one of the movies from the 1980s he had known about for forty years but had never gotten around to seeing: Nick Castle's 1982 directorial debut, The Assassination Game.

Castle would go on to a career that included writing and/or directing such films as The Boy Who Could Fly, Dennis the Menace, Hook, and The Last Stafighter, but his first stop as a writer and director would be on this lower-budgeted comedy which would be the first major film for such actors as Bruce Abbott, Linda Hamilton, Michael Winslow, and future Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.

Distributed by New World Pictures in 1982, the film would be known by several monikers over its lifetime, including The Assassination Game, TAG, TAG: The Assassination Game, Kiss Me Kill Me, and Everybody Gets It In the End.

The opening day Los Angeles Times quarter-page ad for TAG, April 23rd, 1982

The one-sheet for the renamed TAG: The Assassination Game

The one-sheet for the renamed Everybody Gets It In the End!


The one-sheet for the renamed Kiss Me, Kill Me